Success Secrets of the Online Marketing Superstars

Eager business owners gain access to the playbooks of 23 of today’s most respected and well-known online marketers, who reveal their most valuable online strategies and tactics for capturing new customers and influencing ongoing purchases from current ones. Each chapter is a coaching session designed to help business owners avoid the pitfalls and mistakes by the experts who have been there and done that. Readers learn how to develop a personal media brand, build a total online presence, and create a social media strategy that increases traffic. They also discover how to develop and use content that converts visitors into buyers and ultimately loyal customers, succeed with SEO, pay-per-click, and linking strategies that get websites ranked. Also included is information on leveraging social networking apps, including Facebook, online video, and Instagram, and avoiding the mistakes made by new online businesses.

Community Review

  • Purchased the book with alot of expectations but I got shocked with the content.

    This book suits people who have just started the online marketing or they are totally blank about the subject.

    No depth, No strategy, its like an intro.

    It was a lost of money

  • Firstly ignore the title and its hype-filled words – this book is much better that! Normally books with similar titles suck more than a shop full of vacuum cleaners. This is different!

    Essentially for a relatively low price (less than a dollar a chapter) you get 23 concisely written chapters from various online marketers, giving you a rapid-fire overview about many aspects of online marketing. By gum it does work too. Naturally the chapters cannot tell you everything about their subjects yet it can give you a great taste or overview, allowing you to get a foothold and then build up your knowledge as you require.

    Despite not needing a book like this as the subjects were not “new” or “confusing”, this reviewer did find the collection of various bits of wisdom to be a great consolidated resource. A timely, helpful reminder if can call it that. It feels suitable for both beginner and more experienced pro alike. It just needs to give you a tip here, a web address there or something and you’ve easily got your money’s worth.

    The authors carefully manage to balance their text so that it is not patronisingly simple for the more-experienced reader and neither is it a “geek-fest” for the uninitiated. A great balance has been reached and it feels as if the book is just oozing out information through each and every page.

    There truly is not that much more to add. It is a great little resource covering everything from building your digital media platform and smart online marketing to traffic building and utilising the latest technologies and tools. What is there not to like?

    Even if you are sceptical as to whether you have a need for this, go and check it out at a bookstore.

  • Lorrie Thomas has dramatically reduced the learning curve with this book. The average person interested in web marketing or in charge of a web marketing campaign would benefit from her work. I personally had limited understanding of all the moving pieces of a successful web marketing campaign. This book starts with the basics and allows the reader to become fluent enough in the web marketing world to venture out by themselves or understand the “lingo” while talking with a seasoned professional.
    Lorrie is very honest in the effort it takes to be successful with web marketing. For anyone beginning a campaign or improving their existing one, this should be your book.
  • I have only read chapters 1, 2 and 3 so I cannot give a thorough review of the whole book. But from what I have read so far I can say that it has a very concise approach to the subject, making it really useful and relatively easy to read, taking onto consideration that it is a technical book, meant to give its readers expertise in a field of knowledge that has a direct application in a working environment. I recommend it and as I am enjoying so much its uncomplicated approach I have already ordered another book from the same series, “Finance for Non-Financial Managers”. The fact that it enables readers to earn a Certificate of achievement through a free online examination is also a very interesting and innovative feature that I really appreciate.
  • Don’t know much about SEO or web analytics? What about social media? This is a highly educational marketing book that will have you going back to it, even after you’ve read it. Definitely, a must have for business owners looking to expand their online marketing knowledge.

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